Monday, January 19, 2009


After a series of stories on Suzane Joseph, the Principal at MS 313 in Brooklyn, several people have expressed concern that the woman continues to torment and run amok without consequence. To that end, please read the letter below which shows how you can get involved if you'd like.

"I have questions to anyone that reads this. "Where are the superiors that know this is a violation of the children’s rights?" The DOE has it written as a student's right that they have the right to sit and withhold saying The Pledge of Allegiance, so why was this forced singing of this song allowed? Who does Ms. Joseph know that allows this to be acceptable? Someone needs to contact Mr. James Machen concerning this problem and this principal. How and why does he allow this to happen in his district?"

Well this is the the info I found for all who needs it.. Please contact:

District 13
Superintendent James Machen
335 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: (718) 935-3234

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  1. I honestly believe that James Machen is indeed aware of the things that are going on a M.S. 313, has for a while now and has yet to do anything about it. Unfortunately M.S. 313 is not the only school in his district where the student's rights are violated by way of being taken out of class due to lack of or missing "pieces" of uniform and/or illegal searching of student's backpacks.

    During the one instance where I personally called upon Dr. Machen about an issue involving the students at M.S. 313, I told in not so many words that there wasn't anything he could do and that I should refer back to the school administration which baffled me because I had already done just that with unsatisfactory results.

    This just leads me to believe that maybe this is a situation of "it's not what you know, but who you know" and in Ms. Joseph's case that person seems to be Dr. Machen.


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