Thursday, January 22, 2009


Once again, Dachshunds have lost the popularity contest, defeated again by those pathetically adorable Labrador retrievers. In fact, Labs were so popular, The American Kennel Club says the lovable pups outnumbered the number two dog, the Yorkie, two-to-one.

The Kennel Club has released it's Top 10 list of most popular dogs in America. The Dachshund, of which I've owned two, was ranked #7 on the list.

However, in New York City, the Dachshund fairs much better, ranking #3 , beaten only by the Poodle and the Lab. New Yorkers ---squeezed for space---tend to prefer smaller and more exotic dogs.

For instance, at 6th place was the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, kind of an ugly dog actually. The Havanese and the Shi Tzu were also popular in the big apple.

The Dachshund is notoriously shunned. Not in the 133-year history of the Westminster Kennel Show has a Dachshund won Best of Show. Last year was close. A Beagle won. At least it was a hound dog! In the Hound Dog category, Dachshunds have won a half dozen times or so in the past century, most recently in 1998.

Here's the nationwide Top 10 List:

1) The Lab

2) Yorkshire Terrier

3) German Sheppard

4) Golden Retriever

5) Beagle

6) Boxer

7) Dachshund

8) Bulldog

9) Poodle

10) Shi Tzu

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