Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The federal government, it seems, is building a new United Nations structure in New York City that, some believe, could survive a September 11th type of attack or worse yet, a nuclear blast. Quietly, a 28-story tower is rising across the street from the U.N building on the East side of Manhattan.

The project has been going on for several years and here's why. Construction crews tell the blog that the cement and steel work in the building are over the top. The walls, ceilings and roofs of each floor are super fortified.

The cement is more than twice the thickness required on most buildings and contractors are using double and triple the amount of steel rebar need to secure the cement. As one guy told me, "you could run a plane into the building, and it wouldn't do a dent."

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Not only that, there are no windows on the first nine floors of the building and those on the upper stories are tall and narrow, presumably, one hard hat told me to withstand some sort of blast. In most buildings this size, I'm told, the cement work takes three to four months. They're still laying the cement and rebar, three years later and it has nothing to do with lazy or slow workers. The blueprints for the building are explicit and require nothing short of master craftsmanship. I'm thinking when the big one falls, I'm running here.

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