Saturday, January 31, 2009


Many of you never knew Dennis Hartz, because that wasn't his real name. When he was on the radio, he'd call himself Dennis. Mr. Hartz was actually Bruce Michael Windish. I met Bruce when I was volunteering at WRDV radio in Warminster,PA. I was the 20-year old news director and he was the 30-year old newbie, just trying his hand at radio. He worked for the phone company for many years, but always wanted to be on the radio. Bruce sounded good too and over the next few years, he worked at a number of radio stations in suburban Philadelphia. We talked a lot during those years. We shared a lot of laughs with each other over the years. We'd drink coffee at Denny's and get drunk at some neighborhood pubs.

I remember accepting a job in Denver, which for the first time in my life would mean, I'd have to move away from my family and friends and live on my own. I would miss Bruce the most and during a slow walk down Allentown's Hamilton mall, I cried. Bruce put his arm around me, like a big brother would do, and assured me it was the right move. I never looked back and periodically kept in touch with Bruce. When my friend John Gormley emailed me the news of Bruce's death, my first silent reaction was, "I didn't even know he was sick," which is the truth.

As time passes and you make new friends, in different places, you sometimes lose track of those you liked the most. It's funny, because when you're good friends, time doesn't really matter. It was like that with Bruce. I remember at the end of the film "Stand By Me," the narrator reflected, "You'll never have the kind of friends like you had when you were 12-years-old." But, that's not true. In life he was my friend...and now in death, he is, as well. I'll miss ya buddy.

WINDISH BRUCE MICHAEL on Jan. 24, 2009 age 57, passed away after a long illness, of Roslyn but a Floridian at heart. While in FL he was a DJ and an announcer for the TX Rangers during spring training. Survived by 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He is also survived by his parents Clarence & Theresa, 2 brothers and 5 sisters. Funeral Mass Wed. 10:30 AM, St. John of the Cross Church, Woodland & Thomson Rds., Roslyn. Relatives and friends are invited to the Visitation at the Church, Wed. after 10 AM. Int. Hillside Cem. In lieu of flowers donations to AMH Hospice, 2510 Maryland Rd., Suite 250, Willow Grove, PA 19090-0520 would be appreciated.

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