Friday, January 16, 2009


The emails keep coming. Teachers and parents are speaking out. To read them, go to each of the several stories I've written on the subject, scrawl to the bottom of the story and click on comments. Comments have been left at the end of each piece.

These are personal accounts from those who work in the school or have children there. Some of you have also sent me memos from the Administration, notes and letters that have been exchanged. I appreciate all of the input you've made and only hope that the powers that be will take notice. Keep your heads high!


  1. I was told that Suzane Joseph lock the school down and would not let the student's out of the class because she found candy paper on the floor. Joseph also told my son to go in the save room because he forgot his tie. My son told me that in the save room student's can't eat the same lunch that the other student's eat. This is getting out of hand. I just this wedsite helps.

  2. In reference to the previous comment, that is also one of the many problems that I had with Ms. Joseph and staff. The use of what I felt were "jail terms" being used when referring to our children such as "lockdown" as earlier mentioned as well as referring to students as "repeat offenders". If we are trying to uplift our children, why tear them down by using such terms. This comes from a woman who claims to be a "stickler for education".

    My son on occasion would come home and complain about being on "lunch detention" for not having a tie and informed me that he would have to eat pb&j instead of a hot lunch(sound like prison). When I addressed this issue at a meeting, pointing out that this too was against the Chancellor's Regulations; I was attacked by other members of the staff, also by another parent and then a teacher tried to pacify me by telling me that when my son(as well as other students)was in detention they were more than happy to eat the pb&j, and how some were able to nap or get homework done. Excuse me??? Are you serious??? What makes it worst is that she also happens to be the Union Rep.

    Somebody needs to get into M.S. 313 and clean house before the mindset, and self-esteem of the children are totally destroyed.

    Although I've since had my children removed from that situation, I am still concerned for the children in my community who still have to go there everyday. Something needs to be done and soon! It's time for the parents of M.S. 313 to band together.

  3. Those in authority need to look into the prison system Maniac Joseph is breeding at MS313 in Brooklyn. Children are treated as prisoners. Please do an unexpected visit at that school and check out the students/prisoners who are being held in the SAVE room. It is worth seeing,profanity,disrespect, fight and no work being done.

    The UFT chapter leader should be the one sitting in that room with those children who are illtreated. She should be treated as one of those students who sit in that room daily.I work at MS313 and everything about the type of criminal treatmentbestowed upon those children are true.

    Mary Wade who sides with Joseph should be removed as the chapter leader for this group. she represents the Maniac Joseph and is anti staff.

    Please help

  4. Why are children treated in this manner? If this happens at home ACS will be called in . This has been happening at a public institution and up to this date nothing has been done to help save those innocent children.

    concerned parent


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