Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm sorry I've been away from my blogging for such a long time, but the holidays were busy for me at ABC NEWS RADIO and more importantly, my computer crashed for a couple of days. This was entirely my fault, because I like to pretend that I'm Mister Smarty Pants when it comes to computer stuff. I quickly discovered, I'm a moron!

My goal was to get my computer to run faster, so I did all the normal stuff, like eliminating old files, cookies, etc. I also defragged the system, ran performance checks and eliminated some of the tasks that run during start up. Despite all of these sane and normal tasks, my computer was still slow.

That's when I decided to actually delete entire programs. I arranged my list of programs in order of last use. About six of them hadn't been used, or so I thought since 2004. So, I figured, I could just delete them and poof, fixed. Wrong!
I could no longer get on the Internet, my disc drives weren't reading the disc's and most of my music vanished from the computer. After a lengthy call to Dell, I was back in business. Unfortunately, my only choice was to set the computer back to what it was like when I first got it. This meant any programs I added since then would be gone, as would all of my documents, pictures and the like, unless I backed them up. Of course doing this is difficult, when your CD drives don't work because when I deleted those programs, crucial nuggets of information were deleted that run other programs.

Now, some advice: Don't start deleting programs and Do make sure your computer is set to restore itself from a previous date, so you can simply go back and reverse your bonehead mistakes.

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